Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming
Billy’s Lawn and Tree Service can handle all or your tree service
needs big or small and commercial and residential. Fall is upon and
winter just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to have your
trees trimmed and dead and unhealthy trees removed before the
winter weather can cause dead limbs to break and possible fall on
your car or house. We take a more personal approach with our
customers. We like to meet one on one with the customer and get
your input on what you would like to be done and we take that into
consideration of what the is best for the tree for health reasons.
Your trees are just as important to us as they are to you. Pruning
your trees improves the overall health and beauty of your trees but
also prolongs the life of the tree. Keeping your trees healthy also
improves the value of your home and curb appeal. We perform
quality work at a competitive price. Not all tree services are equal.
Just because the bid is cheaper doesn’t mean you will get the
same scope of work. We are fully insured. It is best to hire a
professional to have your trees trimmed. Just because someone
has a chainsaw it does not mean they should trim trees or remove
trees.Do your trees need to be trimmed or pruned? When is the
best time to prune your trees?  Trees should be pruned in the
winter months while they are dormant. Pruning your trees in the
winter helps reduce the chance of transmitting disease, and reduce
excessive sap flow from cuts. Fresh cuts can actually attract
insects that can spread disease, so it’s best to prune trees when
there are no insects. However you can trim your trees anytime it is
best during winter .It is very important to prune trees properly to
prevent and minimize insects and disease. Cuts should never be
made flush with the main branch instead they should be made
beyond the branch collar. This reduces the risk of insects and
disease. Die back usually occurs when you cut too far out and
leave a stub. The stub can decay and not heal leaving a place for
insects to enter and cause damage to the tree. Tree trimming
removes limbs that are dead, could pose dangers, such as limbs
falling on nearby structure, blocking lines of sight, and preventing
limbs from getting too close to utility lines or nearby structures.

The purpose of pruning or trimming your trees is to produce strong,
healthy, attractive trees.
Thinning the crown can increase airflow and reduce some pest
problems. Pruning can encourage strong structure and help reduce
damage during severe weather.  Removing dead or broken limbs
will help in the aid of wound closures.
Crown thinning is selective removal of limbs to increase the
amount of light and air movement in the crown of the tree.
Crown raising is removal of the bottom limbs to raise the crown of
the tree providing clearance for people, cars, buildings, and lines of
All woody plants such as trees shed limbs in response to shading
and competition from other limbs and trees.  The emphasis on
pruning young trees should be focused on producing strong
structure, while the emphasis on pruning mature trees will shift
towards maintaining tree health, form, appearance and the
structure. Tree sap and resins are the natural way a tree heals its
wounds to keep out pests and diseases. Although unsightly, tree
sap coming out of the tree where the limb was trimmed is usually
not harmful.  However, excessive “bleeding” can weaken the tree.
Specializing in roping, rigging, and climbing.
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