Tree Removal
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We provide tree trimming and tree removal for the
South Plains including the counties of: Parmer,
Castro, Swisher, Briscoe, Bailey, Lamb, Hale Floyd,
Motley, Cochran, Hockley, Lubbock, Crosby, Dickens,
Yoakum, Terry, Lynn Garza, Kent, Gaines, Dawson,
Borden, and Scurry.
Billy's Lawn and Tree Service has the knowledge and experience
to remove any tree small, large or even hazardous. Fall is upon us
and winter just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to have
your trees trimmed and dead and unhealthy trees removed before
the winter weather can cause dead limbs to break and possible fall
on your car or house. You should hire a professional with
experience in tree removal not just someone who has a chainsaw.
We have highly skilled climber with over 11 years of experience in
climbing, roping, and rigging. Do you have a dead or unhealthy
tree? Don’t become a victim have it removed as soon as possible.
Sometimes you may need to have a tree removed because it is
unhealthy or died, too close to a building or structure, or it’s
damaging your driveway.  Whatever the reason we can remove it
for you including hauling the limbs off and cleaning up the debris.
Specializing in roping, rigging, and climbing. With our experience in
climbing, and roping and rigging we can safely remove trees one
limb at a time without any damage to your house or property.  
Check out our videos below.
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