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Sprinkler/Irrigation Installation
computer aided design programs to design a sprinkler system to your
landscapes needs. By using our computer aided design program we
know your know sprinkler will work before we even install it.   All of
our irrigation systems are precisely designed to your lawn’s specific
and individual needs based on vegetation and terrain. Our
comprehensive designs ensure that water is distributed evenly and
uniformly throughout your yard resulting in NO dry spots. When
planning your custom designed sprinkler system the gallons of water
per minute and water pressure at your home and, lawn size and
configuration are taken into consideration.  Harsh weather conditions
that we experience here in Lubbock such as high winds, drought and
extreme heat are also taken into consideration.  Since Lubbock is
often placed on water restrictions due to drought, your sprinkler
system will be optimized to save water but, to also ensure your yard
stays healthy, green, and beautiful it. Once the planning is finished,
work is carried out by a highly skilled licensed irrigator using quality
parts and the latest technology. All ditches are water packed to We
want you to have the most efficient sprinkler system so we use
prevent the soil from settling and creating sink holes.  Work is
completed rapidly and area is left neat.
“Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), MC-178, PO Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087.  
TCEQ’s website is”
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