Scalping/ De-thatching
Scalping/ de-thatching
Thatch is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead
tissue between the green vegetation and the soil surface.
It is composed of products from stems, leaves and roots
that are resistant to decay. A little thatch improves the
wear tolerance of a lawn, too much can harbor disease
organisms and insects making the lawn more susceptible
to damage from disease and drought. Thatch buildup
and soil compaction are both conditions that can cause
lawns to struggle. When they are severe, they can ruin a
Lawns with heavy thatch tend to have a shallow root
system, making the grass harder to maintain. Thatch can
keep water, air and
nutrients from getting to the roots.
And if that is not enough, lawns with excessive thatch are
also more likely to have problems with diseases.
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